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- En kammeropera af Aya Yoshida

In 2017 Japan and Denmark were celebrating the 150 years anniversary of diplomatic friendship. Together with the young composer Aya Yoshida, Louise Gorm decided to use this occasion to increase and promote the cultural understanding between these two countries. Together with NPO Japanordic they managed to realize a unique musical performance.


Aya Yoshida worked intensively on composing a chamber opera inspired by the story ”Skyggen” by the Danish national poet Hans Christian Andersen. “Skyggen – A Chamber Opera by Aya Yoshida”. It was premiered in the old Chapel of Assistens Kirkegård on the 16th of November 2017.

The project was based on a collaboration between artists from Denmark and Japan.

The visual part of the performance is created by Danish artist Magnus Pind Bjerre and Japanese calligrapher Suitou Nakatsuka.

The work was selected to be one of the 10 best performances of the year 2017 by the Danish Art Foudation and is nominated for a Carl Award 2018.

Watch the performance HERE

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