TAÏGA STRING QUARTET is an ensemble consisting of violinists Louise Gorm and Jessica Ling, violist Madlen Breckbill and cellist Maria Edlund. After studies in different European music academies the four musicians met in Berlin where they are currently based. Soon after recognizing their common interest in chamber music, Taïga String Quartet was brought to life. The four musicians work diligently on creating a common sound and expression that invites the listener to take part in their musical interpretation. Their complementary personalities bring a strong character to the music. Besides their shared passion for especially baroque and contemporary music the musical interest of the four musicians is broad. They put a high value on keeping an open mind and always to be innovative and searching for new inspiration.

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BAROQUEAROS is a baroqe ensemble based in Denmark, which consists of 7 musicians. On a regular basis - whenever needed - the ensemble is extended with guest musicians and international capacities within the baroque genre to inspire and lead the ensemble. There have so far been masterclasses with e.g. Peter Spissky, violin; Alfredo Bernardini, oboe and the countertenor Daniel Carlsson. Also Cellist Hidemi Suzuki, harpsicordplayer Lars Ulrik Mortensen and bassoonist Peter Whelan have been invited to Aarhus.. The basic instrumentation is violin, viola, cello, doublebass, oboe/bassoon and cembalo.

BaroqueAros plays concerts in the symphonic hall in Aarhus and in Aarhus Dome Church as well as in many other parts of Denmark. The music societies and churches have enjoyed the dedicated, sensitive and sparkling performances that characterize the concerts of this ensemble.

CHRISTIAN BALVIG SEXTET is a unique combination of string trio and pianotrio. They mix chamber music landscapes from the north with energetic improvisations. All of the six players have a personal sound and approach to Balvig's lyrical compositions. When they play it becomes a clear coherent bandsound making touching and beautiful music. The tunes are orchestrated with wellbalanced strings in a both intimate and expressive pianotrio with references to Joanna Newsoms “Ys”, scandinavian jazz and impressionistic music. In 2018 they released their first album, you can find it HERE .

Louise Gorm – violin, Mikkel Schrieber – viola, Maria Edlund – cello, Christian Balvig – piano/composition, Jens Mikkel Madsen – doublebass, Siv Øyunn Kjenstad – drums.